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Alu Circles - Webinar

Can cost reduction and sustainability go hand in hand? The answer is yes, as already proven in practice for residuals from drinking water production including lime pellets and ferric sludges. Aluminium based sludges are the next target, the disposal of which comes at substantial and ever-increasing cost. Alu Circles, an initiative based on PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) principles, will make this happen.

During the Market Dialogue we aim to inform technology providers regarding the upcoming procurement of solutions for the upcycling or recycling of aluminium based sludges from drinking water treatment, beyond current state of the art.  And vice versa, we kindly invite technology providers and other stakeholders to provide relevant input.

In the webinar of 10 September we will provide more information on the Market Dialogue process, and answer any questions interested parties may have. These questions can be offered up front after registering for the seminar,  or during the webinar itself.

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Presentation by
Jos Boere, Allied Waters
Stephan Corvers, Corvers Procurement Services

Allied Waters focuses on implementing game-changing innovations in the urban water cycle that are “driving the circular economy”.

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